Youth are called to realize spiritual aspects of environmental stewardship

In celebration of the Season of Creation this 2023, the contribution of the youth to become “stewards of creation” is vital with a goal to protect the common home.

According to Veritas News, Rev. Fr. Dan Cancino, the current Vicar Provincial of the Camillian Province in the Philippines, stated in his message the impact which may be caused by the recent effects of climate change that possibly may affect the next generations.

“Climate change remains one of the most significant challenges facing humanity, and we need to emphasize the urgency of tackling this issue,” he said.

Fr. Cancino stressed that the role of the young people in the present time is crucial by enabling them to realize the ‘spiritual aspects’ of stewardship.

“We need to focus on the spiritual aspect of environmental stewardship was explored through prayers, meditations, and reflections. Together we can emphasize once again the climate-related events focused on raising awareness about the impacts of global warming to the youth and we let them appreciate and act on and for their future–for our common home,” he added.

The Philippines was ranked 31st in a report by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) last August 2021, wherein the young people are “currently exposed to a variety of climate, environmental hazards, shocks and stresses.” (Hazel Boquiren/RCAM-AOC)


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