Vatican released official image for World Meeting of Families 2022

“Sacramental love between a man and a woman is a reflection of the indissoluble love and unity between Christ and the Church: Jesus sheds His blood for Her.”

This was the meaning of the official image that the Vatican has released for the upcoming World Meeting of Families 2022 in Rome.

The main theme of the unveiled image focuses on the Wedding at Cana with the title, “This Mystery is Great” based on the letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians, 5:32. The work of art was created by Father Marko Ivan Rupnik, a Slovenian Jesuit priest.

Father Rupnik reflected on his work that highlights the mystery of the Eucharist that binds families and binds families to the Church. The Church, which has as its core the Eucharist, is and should be an important part of family life.

“I hope that, through this text and also through this small image, we can understand that for us Christians, the family is the expression of the Sacrament and that it has an ecclesial dimension, therefore it is inseparable from the Church,” he said.

“In it, the bond of blood cannot compete with our participation in the blood of Christ, even if it is easy for the blood according to nature to prevail and not the blood of the Eucharist,” he added.

Pope Francis encourages the faithful in his video message last July 2 to have active participation in the event even those who cannot be physically present in Rome.

“I ask you to be dynamic, active and creative in organizing this with the families in harmony with what will be taking place in Rome. This is a wonderful opportunity to devote ourselves with enthusiasm to family ministry with spouses, families and pastors together,” the Pope said.

The 10th World Meeting of Families will be hosted by the Diocese of Rome from June 22 to 26, 2022 with the theme, “Family love: a vocation and a path to holiness.” (Hazel Boquiren/RCAM-AOC | Photo from Vatican Website)


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