Transformative love of Christ starts with deep relationship to God, says Priest

On the 3rd day of the RCAM SOCOM Media Camp last July 17 2023, Rev. Fr. France Baasis, Director of Social Communications and Mass Media Ministry of the Diocese of Antipolo, pointed out how the “transformative power of Christ’s love in our lives” nurtures the mission of the SOCOM ministers in the digital world.

“Ang shineshare natin pag-ibig ni Hesus. In a world that can be driven by self-centeredness, materialism, individualism, and instant gratification, you are called to bring the message of Christ, sacrificial love, mercy and forgiveness in the forefront of social media,” he said.

Fr. Baasis emphasized that the SOCOM ministers’ purpose in their mission is led by a profound commitment to God for their work in evangelization through social media.

“As members of the Social Communications and Mass Media ministry, it is essential for you to remember that your true identity and purpose lie in your relationship with God as well. Your work in social media and evangelization flow from the deep connection with the Father just as it is for Mary and Jesus.” he said.

Also, the priest stressed that searching for fulfillment in the ministry starts with knowing God first as we introduce Him and His love to the faithful especially in the faithful.

“It is in the encounter with Jesus, in the deepening relationship with Him we can find the source of true joy, peace and purpose, dahil kilala natin siya, siya pinapakilala natin, dahil kilala natin Siya.” he said.

“Kahit mahirap ang ministry, masaya tayo kasi Siya ang pinaglilingkuran natin, dahil kilala natin Siya. Kahit maraming challenge alam natin ang goals natin, ang matagpuan din Siya ng iba, ang mga tao sa digital world,” he added.

The RCAM SOCOM Media Camp culminated with the distribution of certificates of participants. It was held at St. Michael’s Retreat House, Antipolo. (By Hazel Boquiren/RCAM/AOC | Photogallery – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)


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