SOCOM Ministers recognized for dedicated service during COVID-19 pandemic

On the celebration of the 55th World Communications Day and the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, Fr. Jose Joel O. Jason, parish priest of Mary, Mirror of Justice Parish has commended it’s Social Communications Ministry during the fiesta Mass held on May 16, 2021.

The SOCOM ministers of the parish have been awarded “Servant Leaders Award” in recognition of their dedication, commitment, and artistic service that they rendered to the parish especially during the COVID-10 pandemic.

“Dahil ang Ascension po, ‘yan yung ibinilin ni Hesus. Go into the whole and proclaim the Gospel to everyone. Kaya mahalaga ang means of Social Communications. At dahil diyan, nais nating bigyan ng parangal ang ating Social Communications,” Fr. Jason said.

Fr. Jason shared in his message that since the start of the lockdown in 2020, the members of the ministry have volunteered themselves to keep the parish continuing its services through the use of social media and other online platforms even though they are exposing themselves from the risk of being infected by the virus. And even up to now, Fr. Jason added, the members are true to its commitment to serving the parish and its faithful.

Fr. Jason gave the award through its SOCOM Coordinator, Bro. Michael Baltazar.

“To my fellow SOCOM Ministers thank you for your untiring efforts in helping our parish. It won’t be possible to spread the Word of God to its people through social media without your help. May the good Lord give us more strength and compassion to serve Him through our Ministry,” said Bro. Baltazar. (Bro. Andre Fadrigalan/SOCOM/Mary Mirror of Justice Parish | Photos from SOCOM of MMJP)


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