“Seek the one thing”: CBCP leader reminds Rome-based Filipino priests to keep focus on Jesus  

As he celebrated the Eucharistic celebration for the community of Pontificio Collegio Filippino (PCF), Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Bishop Pablo Virgilio David reminded them of “the one thing” among many other things.

In his homily for the Mass of the Holy Spirit and Commitment Profession of Faith of PCF’s administrators and students on October, Bishop David emphasized to “seek first the kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness and all these things will be given you besides.”

“Jesus knows that we also need the ‘many other thing’ which we are often preoccupied by food, money, clothing, jobs, etc. He does not say “don’t go after those things.” I think Jesus is realistic. He also does not say “seek only the Kingdom of God”, rather he says “seek first.” Meaning, know your priorities. First things first. Order your priorities properly,” the Bishop of the Diocese of Kalookan stressed.

He also told the Filipino-based clergy that as they are away from their loved ones, they tend to become busy and forget more essential things and “the one thing that should be at the top of our priorities”.

He ended his homily with a comforting message for all Rome-based Filipino clergy and religious as they continue to grow in faith at the center of Roman Catholic Church.

“Dear brothers and sisters, we have come together for this Eucharist to seek the one thing we need most: the Bread of Life which is the Word of God. The Bread of Life in the Word made flesh in Jesus Christ. May we never be distracted by worries about many things in life by keeping our focus only on Jesus,” he said.

Bishop David is currently in Rome as one of the delegates of the Philippine church for the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops together with Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula and Pasig Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara until October 29. (Lem Leal Santiago/RCAM-AOC | File Photo of RCAM-AOC)


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