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Church History

For years, masses were hold only on a makeshift chapel at a different areas of the subdivision, until the group came across a permanent site (presently occupied by the church) that was rented for P30 a month from its owner Mr. Manuel Uy. Regular masses for Sundays and Holidays were held regularly at the community, which was a parochial division of San Roque de Manila Parish, Blumentritt, headed by Fr. Manuel del Rosario.

In 1960, Fr. Nicanor Bautista, the Assistant Parish Priest of San Roque Parish was assigned to take charge of Bo. Obrero and Manuguit. Since Bo. Obrero was the older community and easier to organize, a chapel was built. On May 4 1963, the Holy Cross Chapel was blessed and a mass was officiated by the Most. Rev. Msgr. Pedro Bantigue.

The population of Manuguit was growing substantially by that time. MCA, headed by Dr. Honesto Fenol saw a great need for a permanent church. A negotiation was done with Mr. Uy who agreed to donate the site in a condition that a lot at Paco owned by the Archdiocese of Manila be leased out to him. On January 18 1962 the deal was agreed upon between His Eminence Rufino Cardinal Santos and Mr. Uy. On September 30, Msgr. Jesus Tison laid th corner stone of the chapel. The construction successfully began in 1963 with the intensive fund campaigns of Fr. Bautista, Sebastian de Guzman, Tomasa Villegas, Anastasia Vergara and the younger generations represented by JUVENES. Finally in 1964 the chapel was completed and blessed by Cardinal Santos and the Christian identity in favor of the community was established. On July 26 1966, the chapel was granted Parochial Autonomy and Fr. Leonardo Marquez became the first Parish Priest for a year.

On July 22 1967, Fr. Antero Sarmiento came and organized the first Parish Council, headed by Sebastian de Guzman. New organizations were created such as: Mother Butler, Catholic Charities, CWL, Holy Name Society, Confradia de San Jose. Block Rosary was reorganized, to meet for spiritual, social and economic aspects of the parish. Seminars, Recollections and Bible Studies were held to drumbeat the necessity of an open communication sharing among parishioner. These activities make the Christian Family and Cursillo Movements became very much alive. The Block Rosary was finally named as Samahan ng Magkakapitbahay kay Maria, the known BCC or BEC today.

Vatican II was introduced through seminars, emphasizing the vital role and necessity of lay leaders and workers in the parish. The Parish communications between schools, social/civic organizations was successfully established so that harmonious relationships were met, while catechetical instructions were given to public schools. Tarcisians for young boys was created as well as the Extraordinary Ministes (EOMs) for juniors and young professionals.

Regular street masses were given to the marginalized and mass weddings, vocational/livelihood projects, nutrition/sanitation seminars with free supplementary food was regularly given too.

Due to dynamism of the lay leaders, the parish activities demands for a bigger place, and so a Parish Center was built on the left wing after numerous fund raisings and loan granted by the Archbishop of Manila. His Eminence Cardinal Jaime sin blessed the Parish Center on May 22 1976. But after a jubilant celebration of the 10th year anniversary, the parish went through a pain process of detachment because Fr. Sarmiento has to leave for Canada on March 5 1977.

Fr. Feliciano Manalili, the successor gave most of his time to BCC and youth organizations except Catholic Charities that cater the poor member the parish to its need for nutrition and supplementary food assistance. His vision was a simple a prayerful community. Street masses, prayer group, house visitations and activities that will draw the marginalize to the Church was one of his priorities. After the year of reshaping the parish, Fr. Manalili was recalled to San Carlos Seminary and left the parish on March 1978.

At Espiritu Santo Parish, on March 28 1978, Fr. Severino Anatalio, a canon lawyer and the Vocation Director of the Archdiocese was installed as the fourth shepherd of the parish. To fulfill his idea of a parish works he knocked on the doors of the Parish Council Officers and called all officers of mandated organizations and movements for a general assembly. He introduced himself and spoke of his vision for the community. He strengthen CEE aerated Area Youth Council to support BCC activities, CYO wa revitalized, WESTY communities was formed, Cursillo’s Ultreya was given spiritual directions, weekly Bible study and seminars, monthly recollections was held for the lay leaders.

Once again, the atmosphere was alive and spiritual growth for everyone was felt due to the effort of Fr. Rino with the assistance of Fr. Bert Sapala and F. Josef Larsen of CICM, doing home/area visitations and opening more BCC units. During these day masses at Vargas St., Emmanuel area, Meralco substation and Triangulo and at the Evangelista Compound was regularly held. On September 1979 the first stone for the chapel of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage was laid on December 16 of the same year it was blessed.

Fund raising for the payment of the loan left by Fr. Sarmiento easily made through Princesita contests, souvenir programs and donations that pour continuously to the parish in support of the untiring inspiration of Fr. Anatalio. A clinic was built to give free medical and dental services to the needy and at this time also the right wing foundation has started its erection to house the new convent, a multi-purpose space for nursery/kinder and Bible study room, that will give space for the purposed Cursillo Seminar Center on the left wing. Everyone was touched and inspired by Fr. Rino or Tatang for the youth but it came too short as on July 1981 he was transferred to Guadalupe parish.

The arrival of Fr. Eugene Castaneda paves the way for more fund raising to complete right wing. Princesita, Niño/Niña, Binguhan, Alay Takbo, Arroz Caldo dinner plate was held inside and outside the parish and so the 2nd floor of the right wing was done. The renovation of the main and side altar, the flooring of the main church and the roofing of the 4th floor were done and in the information center was built too. UCG, LCG, SME Seniors, Charismatic, Confradia de Cebu and Ultreya and Antipolo chapel were established. The town fiesta on May 1 was officially implemented to both chapels after a successful prayer rally with Cardinal Sin. When Fr. Gene had his short vacation at US, the parish was left to Fr. Elbert Fadallan, a priest from Mindoro who gave BCC seminars, follow-ups like masses, and roving medical and dental clinic, giving free services to BCC units at depressed areas conducted by German Doctors who are friends of Fr. Boy Biliran, the acting parish priest. Shortly, coming from his vacation Fr. Gene was tranfered at Our Lady of Fatima at Las Piñas on February 1986.

On February 13 1986, Fr. Reynaldo Bungay was instaaled as the 6th Parish Priest, in time his 30th birthday celebration. To mark the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Parish, on July 26 of the same year; Kasalan Bayan, Lakan/Lakambini, Loyal Day, Souvenir program, Marriage encounter seminars, Kumpilang Bayan, and NAMFREL activities was done with festivity and full support of Fr. Bungay. BCC continue to grow and the first CC Council was created for the 51 units from Bo. Obrero Chapel, Manuguit and to Antipolo chapel, that supports the Parish Catechetical Instructions Funds. The youth were given duties and responsibilities assisting the seniors on parochial activities. The regular handicraft and livelihood program of Caritas were implemented and a Pastoral Visit of Cardinal Sin at the depressed areas happened. The right wing was completed with the help of the Cursillistas. New sound system was installed; marble altar table was built in place of the wooden one. The beautification of the church proper and repainting of the office was blessed by Bishop Bacani.

On February 14 1990, Fr. Bungay was transferred to Talipapa, Novaliches where Fr. Tom Flores, the 7th parish priest came. The first Adoration Chapel was built in the ground floor of the left wing, the choir loft was renovated, and a room for the sound system control and a Sacristy was also made for safe keeping. Street masses for BCC units were regular, the same with the other program of the parish.


In February 1992, Fr. Tom was transferred and gave way to Fr. Ricardo Mallari. The first multi-purpose cooperative was organized to finance livelihood/cottage industries within the parish. The adjoining lot with an old 2floor house on the right wing was bought from the Angeles family for P1.8M the down payment was P300T from the parish fund and the Archdiocese of Manila paid the balance. Fr. Mallari was transferred to Sacred Heart Parish, Malabon.

On February 3 1996, the 9th parish priest, an elderly one whom we can call Taga sa Panahon in spirituality and in experience in the person of Fr. Anastacio Gapac. Cleanliness and the orderliness of the church proper is his priority. The renovations and repainting of the ceiling, changing of down spouts and gutters inside and outside, and the rearranging of the main altar were the first project. Te left wing was converted into a Cursillo Center, and the adoration chapel was transferred to the mezzanine of the right wing. The ground floor of the old house was renovated for future expansion. Monthly payment of the loan to the Arzobispado is being done regularly.

Parish Priests of San Jose Manggagawa Parish

  • Leonardo Marquez (1966-1967)
  • Antero Sarmiento (1967-1977)
  • Feliciano Manalili (1977-1978)
  • Severino Anatalio (1978-1981)
  • Eugene Castaneda (1981-1986)
  • Reynaldo Bungay (1986-1990)
  • Tom Flores (1990-1992)
  • Ricardo Mallari (1992-1996)
  • Anastacio Capac (1996-2007)
  • Roberto Titco (2007-present)