Radio Veritas Youtube channel, hacked

Radio Veritas’ live streaming account has been hacked by an international hacking group.

According to Veritas 846 news post, Roymark Gutierrez, Social Media Manager of the station said that on January 29, at 6:59 pm when the hackers entered the Veritas 846 Livestream on their Youtube Channel and accessed the email

“We did not receive a login notification, we found out that it was hacked at 12-midnight mass when the YouTube channel for streaming the mass was no longer accessible as well as on other devices where the email was logged in,” Gutierrez told Radio Veritas.

Gutierrez immediately sought the help of an IT expert to recover the account but failed because the hacker removed the recovery method.

In the assessment made by the expert, the Internet Protocol or IP location was determined in the country of Russia.

As a means of precaution, the IT expert advised the public to be cautious when using the internet, especially the unverified source links.

On January 31, 2016, the Facebook Page of Radio Veritas was hacked by an international group.

Fr. Roy Bellen, Radio Veritas Vice President for Operations appealed to all the Kapanaligs to support the backup channel of the station to continue to monitor the holy masses and other programs.

“In the meantime, we inform the followers of the said Youtube channel to transfer and follow our live streaming via this backup channel: VERITAS PH LIVE STREAM. We hope for your understanding and continued support of our Catholic Station in its mission of Evangelization using the Media. Let us remain steadfast in proclaiming the TRUTH amidst these trials and difficulties,” Fr. Bellen told Radio Veritas. (Jheng Prado/RCAM-AOC)


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