Radio Veritas back to studio operation after temporary lockdown

Radio Veritas, the leading faith-based AM radio station in the Philippines is once again broadcasting in its studio after being placed under temporary locked down after some of its employees tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Radyo Veritas, after several days of shifting place of operation from the studio in Quezon City to the transmitter site in Bulacan to do broadcast as effect of several covid cases in the workplace, we have returned and started broadcasting again in our base in Quezon City, after implementing health protocols for Covid cases and disinfecting the offices,” according to a news post on Veritas website.

The Veritas team expresses its gratefulness to all the Kapanaligs who supported them both in prayers and material help. The team also acknowledges the blessings they received amidst the pandemic.

“We thank all Kapanaligs for your continued support both in prayers and in material gifts for us to continue our operations in anyway we can to bring news, relevant information, public service and most of all hope amidst the pandemic,” said the Veritas management.

“We continually receive blessings from the Lord amidst the trial of the pandemic, and for this we are daily grateful and thankful,” the team added.

Radio Veritas temporarily closed its operation from its main studio in Quezon City last April 14 because some of its employees were infected by COVID-19. The temporary lockdown was in response to the health guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF). The lockdown also allowed the disinfection of the entire building. (Jheng Prado/RCAM-AOC)


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