PCNE X offers grace of “crossing over” like Traslacion

Manila Archbishop Jose F. Cardinal Advincula, D.D., presided over the Eucharistic Celebration of the Philippine Conference on New Evangelization (PCNE X) on January 19, held at the Quadricentennial Pavilion, University of Santo Tomas in Espana, Manila.

“For this PCNE, we continue to discern, celebrate, and foster the grace of synodality, that the Spirit of the Lord showers upon our local Church. In particular, we take inspiration from our devotion to Poong Hesus Nazareno, so devoutly loved by Filipinos all over the world,” said Cardinal Advincula.

In his homily, the Archbishop of Manila emphasized the two practices which makes the devotion to the Nazareno unique to the communities, aside from inspiring them to be united by journeying together with the Lord.

“The Nazareno is like a powerful magnet of love that brings devotees closer to one another, coordinates their movements, aligns their drives, and brings them closer to the Lord. And it is this togetherness, both painful and joyful, that drives the Traslacion forward,” he said.

The Cardinal invited the faithful to be in communion with the Church and society in general, within the spirit of the “crossing over” like the Traslacion.

“Mga kapatid, inaanyayahan tayo ni Hesus, mag-Traslacion tayo. Tumawid tayo sa ibayo. Tumawid tayo kasama ni Hesus patungo sa kapwa. Let us cross over; let us go beyond; let us transcend. The Traslacion is always an occasion to cross borders, transcend comforts, open to conversion, transform society, penetrate walls of division, and build bridges of solidarity,” he added.

He explained that the Synodality reflected the Church’s desire for conversion, and respect our differences, with a fruit of becoming an inclusive Church, that does not only seek the temporal needs of the world.

“Synodality expands our vision to make us look beyond personal interests, blood ties, locality, business gains, and political parties, towards recognizing the sacred presence of the Lord within ourselves, within each other. Synodality is Jesus accompanying us in the path of personal, social, and ecclesial conversion,” the cardinal said.

According to the PCNE website, the PCNE X “highlights the force of synodality embedded in the fibers of our Filipino Catholic Traditions that leads us to a profound renewal of heart and faith – a conversion that is personal, communal, and missionary.”

The PCNE X commenced with a perspective setting with Rev. Fr. Jason Laguerta, PCNE Director, followed by a keynote address by Synod of the Synodality Secretary General Cardinal Mario Grech. (Hazel Boquiren/RCAM-AOC | Photo by Maricar Santos/RCAM-AOC)



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