National Museum declares Malate Church ‘Important Cultural Property’  

The Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church located in the Malate area of Manila was recently recognized as an “important cultural property” by the National Museum of the Philippines. 

 On Saturday, April 22, a formal ceremony was organized within the Malate Church grounds to bestow the designation upon the recipient.

Several notable people, such as the Mayor of Manila, Honey Lacuna-Pangan, the NMP Administrative Officer IV, Mr. Roderick Manaloto, and Fr. Leo Distor, were present at the occasion. The image of Our Lady of Remedies, which had been carried over from Spain in 1624, now resides in a church that was built in the Baroque style and is 435 years old.

Under the Cultural Properties Preservation and Protection Act, the National Museum Act of 1998, and the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009, the National Museum of the Philippines is the agency tasked with the responsibility of designating items as ICPs or National Cultural Treasures. An establishment that possesses “exceptional cultural, artistic, and historical significance to the Philippines” is referred to as an ICP in the Philippines.

The fact that the complex including Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church has been designated as an important cultural property indicates that it is now eligible to receive financial assistance and other forms of support from the government to ensure that it is preserved and conserved. The significance of the church’s contributions to the historical, artistic, and cultural traditions of the Philippines is brought to light by this classification.

As we move forward, we need to acknowledge and protect the cultural assets that have been handed down to us by previous generations. We ensure that future generations will be able to appreciate the rich history and culture of our nation by preserving and guarding these significant properties. One key step that has been taken toward accomplishing this objective is having the complex that houses the image of Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church recognized as an important cultural property. (Geng Sta. Maria/SOCOM-San Felipe Neri | Photos from Our Lady of Remedies Parish)


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