Media Camp 2024 revisualizes AI as tool to a fully human connection

The Archdiocesan Commission on Social Communications of the Archdiocese of Manila held the third Media Camp at the CBCP Caritas Philippines Development Centers in Tagaytay City last May 31- June 2, 2024.

The discussions in the camp focused on the theme of the 58th World Communications Day, ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: Towards a Fully Human Connection.’

In his message, Pope Francis highlighted: “The use of artificial intelligence can make a positive contribution to the communications sector, provided it does not eliminate the role of journalism on the ground but serves to support it. Provided too that it values the professionalism of communication, making every communicator more aware of his or her responsibilities, and enables all people to be, as they should, discerning participants in the work of communication.”

The 3-day activity aimed to deepen the understanding of the participants about AI and its impact on society and faith as well as to come together in fellowship and explore the various potential of technology in this day and age while keeping our faith and values intact.

Fr. Roy Bellen, Director of the Office of Communications and Assistant Commissioner of the SOCOM Ministry stressed that even in this time of Artificial Intelligence, it is just a tool for the communicators to be utilized; they shouldn’t forget that human touch is much more important.

Rappler Senior Reporter Mr. Paterno Esmaquel was one of the guest speakers. He tackled the dangers and opportunities of artificial intelligence saying that it is up to the communicators on how they can use these tools for better evangelization.

Mr. Jodel Sarmiento of Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol guided the SOCOM ministers on how to produce a content for the social media pages of parishes with the techniques on same day editing, while Mr. Roy Mark Gutierrez, Social Media Manager of Radio Veritas, explored the unused features of a cellular phone.

Meanwhile, the SOCOM Ministry has launched the Faith Lens 2024, a film competition open for all SOCOM ministers of parishes in the Archdiocese of Manila, to highlight the creativity and allow them to put into practice what they learned during the Media Camp.

The Media Camp 2024 is organized by the Archdiocesan Commission on Social Communications (TV Maria, Radio Veritas and the Archdiocesan Office of Communications (AOC).

(By Jose Luis Berongoy/SOCOM-Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Mandaluyong and Jheng Prado/RCAM-AOC | Photos by RCAM-AOC)



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MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 1 – Morning)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 1 – Afternoon)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 1 – Holy Mass)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 1 – Socialization)

MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 2 – Morning Session)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 2 – Afternoon Session)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 2 – Holy Mass)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 2 – Socialization)

MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 3 – Morning Session)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 3 – Holy Mass)

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