Learn from Joseph’s journeys on discovering synodality – Cardinal Advincula

Manila Archbishop Jose F. Cardinal Advincula encouraged the faithful to learn from the experiences of Jesus’ foster father and the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Catholics around the world reflect on the theme of synodality.

In his homily for the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Cardinal Advincula said that some of the journeys in the life of St. Joseph exemplify synodality’s wisdom of communion, participation and mission.

“Our patron thus teaches us that we are made for communion, no matter how painful, difficult, and inconvenient that might be sometimes. We were, after all, created in the image and likeness of our Triune God who is a community of love. Cultural trends that cut us off from God and neighbor should therefore be unmasked and resisted. Most especially in Church, we have to remember, renew, and strengthen these vertical and horizontal life-giving bonds through humble listening and self-sacrificing availability,” he emphasized before the community of the newly declared Archdiocesan Shrine of Saint Joseph in Sta. Cruz, Manila on March 20.

“St. Joseph’s journeys to Egypt and back and to Sepphoris with Jesus instruct us about the inclusion and participation of the littlest ones in the family of God… We can thus appreciate how St. Joseph and the Holy Family identified themselves with refugees, the regular laborer, and the poor… If only we allow ourselves to be instruments of God, like St. Joseph, each one of us can be valuable participants in the story of salvation,” the Cardinal added.

“Finally, St. Joseph’s journey back home to Nazareth, after losing and finding Jesus in the Temple, tells of the lifelong and challenging mission he embraced to be a loving and supportive husband to Mary and a role model to Jesus in faith and righteousness… Joseph and Mary illustrate to us the potential fruitfulness of the mission of the laity, in general, and the critical function of the mission of the family, in particular. They also instruct us that mission does not have to be grand, loud, or exceptional,” the Archbishop of Manila also said.

He also urged every family to be “holy families” just like what Joseph and Mary did to theirs as they “actively seek, trust and act on God’s will for us.”

Cardinal Advincula led the historic occasion with a thanksgiving Mass and presided over the opening of its Jubilee Door and installation of its new parish priest and first shrine rector, Rev. Fr. Peterson Tieng, LRMS.

The Archdiocesan Shrine of Saint Joseph was first known as San Jose de Trozo Parish and established in the 1930s to recognize St. Joseph as the carpenter and its connection to logging and woodcraft which were considered as most prevalent sources of livelihood in the area at that time. (Lem Leal Santiago/RCAM-AOC | Photo by Maricar Santos/RCAM-AOC | Photogallery)


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