Innocent civilians suffer the most in the war – Pope Francis

Pope Francis has expressed his hope for the end of war and brutality of Russia and Ukraine towards its citizens.

The Pope is describing the current situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine, the largest in Europe, besieged by Russia.

“I hope that concrete steps will be taken to end the war and avert the risk of a nuclear disaster in Zaporizhzhia,” part of the message of Pope Francis.

Pope Francis emphasized that nothing good can come from war but the destruction of society, that innocent individuals are suffering from the brutality and those upholding the right to live and human dignity.

“The innocent pay for the war! The innocent! Let’s think about this reality and let’s tell each other: war is madness. And those who profit from war and the arms trade are criminals who kill humanity,” according to the Pope.

The Pope is asking once again for prayers for world peace especially in countries with war such as Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Myanmar and others.

“Let us think of Ukraine and Russia. Both countries are consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. May you, as a Mother, turn your gaze to these two beloved countries: see Ukraine, see Russia and bring us peace! We need peace!” Pope Francis said.

For more than six months of war due to the invasion of Russia in Ukraine about 15,000 people have died while about ten million fled the country to safety. (Mio Angelo Hermoso/SOCOM-Vicariate of Santa Clara de Montefalco)


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