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Shrine of Loreto responds immediately to aid fire victims in Sampaloc

151 packs of relief goods were distributed last October 5, 2020, by the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto to the families in Aranga Street in Samaploc, who were victims of the fire that broke out last October 2, before 8 in the evening.

The fire started out from faulty electrical wiring, according to reports. It reached third alarm and was declared under control at past 11 pm.

Msgr. Emmanuel Sunga, rector and parish priest of the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto said that an estimate of 50 families were affected by the fire and were immediately transferred to a vacant lot.

The shrine, according to Msgr. Sunga had immediately responded and extended help through its Social Services Development Ministry that has 156 community partners and has 36 active volunteers who helped them in assisting the victims not only of fire but all kinds of disasters.

According to the Rector, as soon as they learned about the fire, the different ministries of the parish immediately prepared food for the victims.

“Ngayon yung sa parokya mismo, ang mga ministries dito, nagbigay agad ng mga pagkain pero ang nakaktutuwa dahil nung magbigay kami ng pagkain ay ang dami pang nagbibigay na pagkain galing sa ibang organization. Kaya yung mga pagkain na bigay ng parokya ay ipinamigay namin sa lahat ng pulubi, mga vagabond diyan sa Recto Avenue,” Msgr. Sunga told the Archdiocese of Manila – Office of Communications.

The Parish Renewal Experience (PREX) group, the Basic Ecclesiastical Community (BEC) and choir members of the parish also responded by providing clothes they bought from the Divisoria market to the victims.

Msgr. Sunga added that the shrine is also preparing to provide a livelihood program to the victims of the fire by allowing them to sell various items like bags and rags on Sundays at the patio of the parish.

The Parish, however, is implementing a strict policy of not giving money. Speaking from experience, Msgr. Sunga said that there are some people who asked help but are dishonest. Some are asking for donations only to find out that the money was not spent properly but was used in gambling and even in drugs. 

On October 3, 2020, Caritas Manila, the social service arm of the Archdiocese of Manila has also distributed 161 packs of relief goods to the families who were victims of the fire.

Msgr. Sunga reminded the victims of the fire as well as all the people who are suffering especially during the COVID-19 outbreak that they are not alone because the Lord is with them all throughout this journey.

“And our God is the most loving God, so loving that he shared our love, he shared our suffering. And that is what they call compassion. If you know the word compassion, it is not just mercy, but to suffer with,” said the pastor.

“Christ is suffering with his people and that is why Christ carries in his body the five wounds – in his palm, in his side and his feet, reminding us that until now, he suffers with the Christians,” he added. (Jheng Prado / RCAM-AOC)


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