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Isolation, the hardest struggle for COVID-positive patients--Cardinal Tagle

Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, shared how his being connected to the people and to the Lord have helped him coped up with isolation during the time when he was in quarantine after testing positive with Coronavirus.

“Getting out of the quarantine I realized that for you to survive you need a deep, deep sense of interconnectedness. Deep sense kasi your enemy will be the feeling that you are isolated, that you are a threat now, that you don’t even trust yourself, that you are a danger to yourself. And you could be a danger to others and then you feel like baka nga better na lang to isolate yourself and then the isolation also bothers you but it is the sense that you are interconnected, you are connected to God,” Cardinal Tagle said.

Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, Prefect, Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples | File Photo of RCAM-AOC

The former archbishop of Manila was the keynote speaker during the 2020 Online Catholic Education Association of the Philippines Congress (CEAP) on September 25. He expounded on the topic “Mission: Dialogue of Faith & Life and Culture Beyond Creed, Beyond Borders, Beyond COVID.”

CEAP is a non-stock, non-profit organization. It is the national association of Catholic Educational Institutions in the Philippines founded in 1941. It now has more than 1,525 member-schools and more than 120 superintendents of Catholic Schools. It is a voluntary organization which operates through regional educational associations located in the 17 regions of the country.

The Cardinal’s talk also focused on the significance of dialogue among Christians now that the country is in tough times. He said that a lack of communication among people would worsen the situation.

“But when there is lack of dialogue when there are borders that we set up if I do not see a neighbor, a brother or a sister or someone who is in need how could we address a pandemic, wala, the pandemic will just continue. A pandemic also requires a pandemic response as well a general response and it has to be done with dialogue,” said Cardinal Tagle.

On September 11, 2020, Cardinal Tagle tested positive for COVID-19 after his arrival in the Philippines to have a short visit to his family in Imus, Cavite. He underwent a 14-days quarantine. He tested negative after a swab test on September 23, 2020.

“In my case, I am very grateful to the many, many people who pray, assuring you that you are not alone, that’s why I could say for the survival either mentally of those who go through this crisis this connectedness what we call dialogue is important, your existence depends on a rediscovery of the reality that you are not alone,” said Cardinal Tagle. (Jheng Prado / RCAM – AOC)


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