Monday, 07 September 2020 17:37

Pastoral Instruction: Have mercy on me, Lord, have mercy

Communal Penitential Celebration
(English and Tagalog)

My dear people of God in the Archdiocese of Manila,


We are almost in the 6th month of quarantine. During this time we had limited

access to the celebrations of the sacraments. Now that there is a gradual opening

up in all activities of our life, so also in the Church we can slowly come back.

One of the sacraments that we had limited access to in this pandemic is the

Sacrament of Reconciliation, or commonly known as the Sacrament of

Confession. We missed the Kumpisalan ng Bayan of Lent, so also the opportunity

to confess during the Easter Season. Because of the continuing threat of the

Corona Virus there are still people who are hesitant to come to church, much

more to come to confession. But we should not allow fear to dictate on our

actions. We always have to take necessary precautions, but there are important

matters of our life that we have to attend to even with the presence of Covid 19,

and confession is one of them.



In extraordinary circumstances we can receive the grace of forgiveness, even of

grave sins, by making sincere acts of sorrow, or perfect contrition. Part of the

condition for a sincere act of sorrow is the resolve to come to sacramental

confession as soon as possible and to confess each and every one of our grave

sins that are not yet confessed (cf. CCC 1452). So I invite all the faithful to come

to avail of the great mercy of God that is poured on us by the sacrament of

reconciliation. The parishes are instructed to set aside time for confession and to

make provisions for places for confessions that are hygienically safe for both the

priest and the penitent. Each one may also make an appointment in the parish

office for confession and the priests will readily accommodate you. Confession

cannot be done online. It has to be done personally. So I invite all to take time to

receive this sacrament in the coming weeks.


We all ask God to pour on us his graces. And God is generous in helping us. But

let us take away the blocks that can hinder the flow of God’s love to us. This

block is sin, and sin can be taken away by turning away from it through sincere

repentance. The ordinary way of exercising repentance is the sacrament of

confession. Let us go to confession that the grace of God’s love and his assistance

may rush into our lives and our families. May Mary, the Refuge of Sinners, help

us be prepared to receive this sacrament well.



Yours truly in Christ,


Apostolic Administrator of Manila

September 8, 2020



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