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Monday, 17 August 2020 06:09

TV Maria now on Cignal TV and Digibox


TV Maria, the Filipino Catholic Television channel is now airing on Cignal TV. The broadcast started on August 14, 2020, a day before the Feast of the Assumption.

True to its mission of leading the faithful to the fullness of life, TV Maria has become the source of inspiration and hope to many Filipinos who are in the phase of coping with anxieties and uncertainties brought about by the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

“This welcome development is also very timely as more and more Filipinos are drawing strength from spirituality during this time of pandemic when there is so much uncertainties and anxieties.”

“In recent time, many in the Philippines, which is predominantly a Catholic nation, are looking for inspiration and source of strength in the media, in whatever platform—TV, radio, social media and print—to overcome fear and the feeling of hopelessness that has afflicted, not just the nation but the whole world. This is the mission that TV Maria hopes to fulfill as it airs programs which are spiritually uplifting.”

In 2006, TV Maria started its first broadcast via Dream Satellite and later was included in the list of Sky Cable and Destiny Cable’s channels. Through Sky Direct and SatLite, TV Maria’s programs were catered to viewers in the province. After they lost its satellite broadcast from Dream Satellite in 2017, they begin partnerships with various religious groups and different companies to be able to regain and further expand its reach.

Through the years, TV Maria was able to established partnership with different dioceses, parishes, Catholic universities and Catholic organizations all over the Philippines and has allowed them to build a network of Catholic media producers that help them sustain its 24-hour programming. TV Maria airs Catholic programs, live Masses, devotional prayers, formation series, apologetics and Catholic news.

Currently, TV Maria airs its programs through the following media channels: Sky Cable (channel 210), Destiny Cable (channel 96), Cignal TV (channel 188), SatLite (channel 102) and Cablelink (channel 18). Aside from these media channels, their programs are now airing on ABS CBN TV Plus (channel 29) and GMA Affordabox (channel 23). It has also responded to the call of digital evangelization by penetrating the internet through their social media accounts (Facebook - @tvmariaphils and Youtube - @tvmariaphils).

Now that the country is preparing for the celebration of the 500 Years of Christianity in 2021, “TV Maria hopes not just to be a Filipino Catholic Chanel in the Philippines, but a channel to bring the light of Christ in the world wherever Filipinos are.”

“As the Philippines prepares for its 500 years of Christianity celebration in 2021, TV Maria has become a prominent media portal for many Catholics as it provides not only Spiritual nourishment but also social and intellectual contents. These programs keep the Filipino faithful updated and connected to the Filipino Catholic heritage wherever they are in the world.” (Jheng Prado/RCAM-AOC)