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"KAPIT KA SA AKIN: Nothing Grand, but a Helping Hand”

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“We rise by lifting others.”  --Robert Ingersoll

Taft Avenue has always been a busy street filled with people--commuters, sellers, buyers, and numerous other people of different walks of life doing their own errands from. It was a place of transactions, a place of interaction. Until the outbreak of COVID-19. it suddenly was transformed into a deserted place, quiet, closed centers of businesses, and filled with poor people who hope to beg something to help them get by.

A member of the Cofradia ng Mahal na Poon ng Sto. Sepulcro distributes food and other basic necessities to poor people around Manila. | Photo by Carl Joshep Dela Cruz/San Fernando de Dilao Parish


The place was once a street full of life, but it is now full of seemingly lifeless people who are homeless and lying on the pavement of the center island. These people hold heavier baggage in the midst of the pandemic as they lack shelter, livelihood and basic commodities. They rely on the carton boxes as their comforter, to ease the dusty, cold and hard cement they are sleeping on. The only thing they carry is their unending faith, hope and courage that this suffering will come to an end soon, and that the smiles on their faces be revived through the mercy of the Lord.

Seeing the face of Jesus on the faces of these poor people, the San Fernando De Dilao Parish Community headed by Msgr. Rolando R. Dela Cruz, Parish Priest, Fr. Carlo Del Rosario, and other Priests, together with SFdDP-Cofradia ng Mahal na Poon ng Santo Sepulcro, initiated collaborative efforts to deliver joy and hope to them by distributing relief goods and basic necessities to help them get through the crisis.

A Cofradia volunteer narrated, “Gutom na gutom sila noong pagkabigay namin ng pagkain, binuksan agad nila at kinain.” This clearly describes the suffering and agony they experience as they struggle with the pandemic. They have no shelter to protect themselves from the virus, as well as medicines to improve their immunity.

We know that this simple act of charity cannot change their lives or make their suffering go away. Nevertheless, it is a simple reminder to our marginalized brothers and sisters that even in the midst of crisis, there are people who are thinking of them, there are will people who will reach out to them to deliver the message that they are not alone and that there are people who care. We will rise by lifting others, we can move forward by lending a helping hand. Through persistence and resilience, we strengthen our bond. And with the common love of Jesus we will be united to rise again.

Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister of Italy  once said, “We will stay separated today, so we can hug each other tomorrow.” This pandemic is just a challenge to us, but our faith will not be shattered. Our brethren will not be left behind, for we will offer our helping hand, with our Catholic faith and virtues of love, peace and joy. Jesus’ love and mercy will freely flow, as we continue to lift others and watch them grow.

We will stand with greater vigor and determination, while Jesus Christ heals our nation. (Richard A. Fajardo and Vream Crishin S. Dorig/SOCOM - San Fernando de Dilao Parish, Paco Manila)


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