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Nuncio: Service is best with prayer

“In the Catholic Church, the most important people are the servants.”

This was the reminder of Archbishop Charles John Brown, D.D., Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, in his homily during the thanksgiving mass dedicated to the parish’s pandemic servers at San Felipe Neri Parish in Mandaluyong City on December 30, 2020.

Archbishop Charles John Brown, newly appointed Papal Nuncio to the Philippines | Photo by Maricar Santos/San Felipe Neri Facebook Page

In his homily, the Nuncio expressed his appreciation to all of the servers, liturgical and non-liturgical, amid the threat of COVID-19.

He also explained that there are different ways of serving, among which is being involved in the ministries in the parish. He reminded those involved in the parish to imitate Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve. The important aspect of service, according to the Archbishop, is to serve by prayer because faith is about service.

“The most important thing is to serve with prayer to imbue, to permeate our service with the spirit of prayer, then our service becomes fruitful, then our service becomes beautiful,” he said.

The Archbishop brought up the biblical character Anna, the prophetess who stayed in the temple, as an example of serving by prayer and Pope Francis as the servant of the servants of God.

He then encouraged those who take part in bringing service to other to see their work as a participation in the service to Jesus and to fill their service with prayer, which is the “most beautiful type of service we can offer God."

“I encourage you to continue and take this message this evening to permeate your service with prayer so your service will not simply be an external action but will be also an internal attitude of adoration, which is the most beautiful type of service we can offer God, the adoration of the heart who loves him,” he said.

Before the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the Nuncio led the blessing of the mosaic painting located at the ceiling near the Jubilee Door of the parish. (Fatima Llanza/RCAM-AOC)



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