Having an orderly society, the role of the church

Make it clear to the people that the church’s role is to have an orderly society.

That is the purpose of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines – Episcopal Commission on Public Affairs in launching the 1st National Convention for Public Affairs’ Minister/Coordinator at Diamond Hotel, Roxas Boulevard last September 19-20, 2022.

According to Imus Bishop Reynaldo Evangelista, chairman of the commission, people must understand the good intentions of the church to have peace and order.

The Bishop understands why many people are angry at the church every time it speaks about its opinions on the government.

“Lumitaw nga ngayon na maraming dapat i-ayos even mentality ng tao. Parang para sa kanila kapag nagsalita ang simbahan tungkol sa mga concerns ng government ay nangingialam ang simbahan,” Bishop Evangelista told Radio Veritas.

We are reminded of the active participation of the church in the recent May 2022 Local and National Elections to help the people choose the right person to lead the country.

Despite this people see the church as a means of spreading the gospel rather than meddling in politics.

Bishop Evangelista Clarified that the church has no bad intentions when criticizing what is happening in society but rather it only wishes to express how the government should work for the betterment of the country,

CBCP-ECPA is making steps in helping the government in fostering peace and order in the society.

“Kaya dapat may boses ang simbahan. Kung papaano iaayos yun sa mentality ng mga tao its a process. Ofcourse yung collaboration nga ng simbahan sa government para matulungan at mapromote yung common good para sa society,” Bishop Evangelista said.

The theme of the 2-Day convention is the Church and State Collaboration and Conscientious Engagement in Serving the Nation which hopes to strengthen the connections between the church and state for the “common good”.

Bishop Evangelista and Fr. Jerome Secillano, executive secretary ng CBCP-ECPA, led the opening of the assemblage which was attended by bishops and priests from different dioceses. (Mio Angelo Hermoso/SOCOM-Vicariate of Santa Clara de Montefalco)


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