Guidelines for Misa de Aguinaldo/Simbang Gabi and Christmas Eve Masses

Circular No. 2023 – 91
15 November 2023



Dear Monsignori and Fathers:

Greetings of peace in the Lord!

Upon the recommendation of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission, the following
guidelines for our Misa de Aguinaldo/Simbang Gabi Masses are hereby offered:

1. Simbang Gabi Masses can start as early as 7:00 p.m. for evening Masses. For the
Dawn/Morning Masses, the last Simbang Gabi Mass can start at 5:30 a.m.

2. As a pastoral accommodation, the “anticipation” of the following day during evening
Masses will be allowed, except for the anticipation of Monday during Sundays
considering the principle of the primacy of Sunday. During these weekday evening
Masses, the readings and prayers of the following day may be used (except during
Sunday evenings when the Sunday readings and prayers are used).

3. Gloria is prayed/sung and white vestments are used in all Simbang Gabi Masses. The
Creed is said only on Sundays.

4. Simbang Gabi Masses celebrated on Sunday will take the prayers and readings of the
Sunday but white vestments are used, the Gloria and Creed are sung or recited.

5. Our Archdiocesan policy provides that if Simbang Gabi Masses are to be celebrated in
chapels, offices, or places other than the parish church, shrine, or chaplaincy, explicit
permission from the Archbishop of Manila has to be sought.

6. On Christmas Eve, the Vigil Mass of Christmas may be celebrated from 6:00 in the
evening. The last Mass on the evening of 24 December would take the liturgy of the
Midnight Mass of Christmas. The dawn Mass of Christmas is celebrated on the early
morning of 25 December.

7. This year, 24 December falls on a Sunday. The dawn Mass is Simbang Gabi, the other
Masses in the morning until late afternoon are Masses of the Fourth Sunday of
Advent, and Masses from 6:00 in the evening are Vigil Masses of Christmas. The last
Mass on the evening of 24 December will be the Midnight Mass of Christmas.

8. The Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission prepared Family Prayers for Advent
(Blessing of Advent Wreath and Lighting of Advent Candles) and Family Prayers for
Christmas (Blessing of the Belen, Parol and Christmas Tree; Blessing and Veneration
of the Image of the Infant Jesus and Blessing of Homes at the Beginning of the Year).
Let us encourage our parishioners to pray together as families so that the seasons of
Advent and Christmas will be occasioned by meaningful encounters with the Lord.

I gladly take this opportunity to assure you of my paternal blessings and prayerful


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Archbishop of Manila


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