Faithful urged to testify the truth

Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula urged the faithful in his Homily during the Good Friday mass of the Lord’s Passion, to testify the truth like the crucified king,

Cardinal Advincula emphasized that while contemplating the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, His love echoes and resounds in the hearts, to move, disturb, and urge from within.

“In a world of fake news, relativism, blatant lying and revisionism, with the creeping dominance of the artificial and superficial, we are invited to contend with, seek, find, and subscribe to the truth – most importantly, the truth about ourselves.” he said.

He added that upon looking at the injuries of Jesus, the evil that humans are capable of doing is clearly seen.

However, the good in humans can also be interpreted in Jesus’ wounds for the potential of one’s future.

“Our Lord teaches us that it is possible to love and to serve, not only during the best of times, but also during the worst of times, with crown of thorns, nails, cross, and all. ”

Cardinal Advincula shared that the eternal offer of mercy and love can be found in the Crucified, and that Jesus awaits with open arms.

“Let this crowned king rule our lives toward a situation where the truth and will of God reigns. Like our crucified king, let us testify to the truth of who we truly are – children of God, brothers and sisters of Christ, temples of the Holy Spirit. With Jesus, we pray: “Father, into your hands we commend our spirit”. (By Louise Nazir A. Banzuela/SOCOM-San Felipe Neri Parish | Photo by Maricar Santos/RCAM-AOC | Photogallery)


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