Faithful urged to be like Peter

As the Catholic Church commenced its observance of the Most Holy Week on Palm Sunday, Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula urged the faithful not to lose focus in the faith especially in tough situations.

Citing the Gospel according to Saint Mark, he pointed out that the disciples messed up in knowing Jesus, which also figures Christians’ recognition of what He is all about.

“St. Mark shows us that the disciples didn’t really get what Jesus was all about. They messed up. Palpak ang mga disipulo ni Hesus. For example, they saw the miracles Jesus did and listened to His words, but they still argued about who was the greatest among them, even when Jesus was facing death.  At the last supper, it was clear that the disciples wouldn’t stand by Jesus. The Lord predicted that Judas would betray Him, and that Peter would deny Him. And that’s exactly what happened. After Jesus was arrested, all His friends left Him by Himself,” Cardinal Advincula said in his homily during his Palm Sunday Mass at the Manila Cathedral.

“My dear friends, it is easy to think we wouldn’t make the same mistakes as the apostles, but in truth, we often find ourselves in their shoes. We proclaim our faith in Jesus, but when faced with challenges, our faith can waver. Minsan kapag okay ang lahat at maayos ang ating buhay, napakadaling sabihing “Sumasapalataya ako sa Diyos”. Yet, when trials come and troubles pile up, we begin to stray and, like the disciples, we too can turn away from Jesus,” he added.

The archbishop of Manila emphasized that people must learn in the outcome of the betrayals by Judas and Peter to Jesus as he stressed that one isn’t defined by mistakes but “by how we deal with them.”

“Gaano man tayo kapalpak katulad ng mga alagad, maaari pa rin tayong magbalik-loob sa Diyos. We aren’t defined by our mistakes, but by how we deal with them. Judas gave up, but Peter chose to say sorry and change his ways. This gives us a strong message of hope: no matter how bad things get, we can always choose to heal and come back together,” he said.

Cardinal Advincula encouraged the faithful to make this Holy Week “a transformative journey” and make this time to “admit where we’ve gone wrong, and to decide to follow Jesus again.” (Lem Leal Santiago/RCAM-AOC | Photo by Maricar Santos/RCAM-AOC | Photogallery)




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