FAITH LENS 2024 (3rd Archdiocesan Film Festival)


  • The third film festival is open to all members of the Social Communications Ministry of parishes in the Archdiocese of Manila.
  • All entries must be original or have not been submitted or exhibited previously in other festivals.
  • The participants must be endorsed by the parish priest.
  • Participating parish/es may send their letter of intent to join the festival from June 10-June 26, 2024 to the:

    Office of Communications of the Archdiocese of Manila
    121 Arzobispo Street Intramuros, Manila
    8527-3962 and 09235136188

  • Participating parish/es must submit a duly completed application form that can be downloaded at the Website and Facebook page of the Office of Communications inclusive of the following:

    Must be a 3- minute film
    – Created Content
    – Brief description of the entry
    – Cast and crew list
    – An official letter signed by your parish priest endorsing the   film

  • Each parish is allowed to submit a maximum of two entries.
  • The entry/ies must comply with technical specs 1920 x 1080
  • The entry/ies must be submitted on (Google drive) and Data File Format (MP4)
  • May use any kind of mobile film editing application
  • The theme for the film may be a Catholic tradition or social issue that highlights Catholic faith and values in line with the year of Prayer (Jubilee Year 2025).
  • May use predominantly visuals or images and if possible minimal dialogues.
  • Assigned shoot location/s must be organic to the film or play/s an important part of the narrative.
  • May use original songs but not commercial songs.
  • When using videos that are from you tube, please put “Video from” or “Video courtesy of”
  • All entries must be submitted in a short brown envelop properly labeled with the NAME of the PARISH, FILM TITLE and CONTACT DETAILS (Email, phone/cellphone, home/parish address)
  • The deadline for submission of entries is July 26, 2024, at the
    Archdiocesan Office of Communications
    Arzobispado de Manila
    121 Arzobispo Street Intramuors, Manila

Entries will be screened and judged by a set of judges from the different fields of communications. The screening/judging period will be from July 30-31, 2024.


The 3-minute film will be judged based on the following criteria: Concept and Creativity (25%), Relevance to the theme (15%), Technical Implementation (15%), Doctrinal Soundness (30 %) Impact (15%)for a total of 100%


The announcement of winners will be held on August SOCOM gathering at the (venue to be announced soon), from 1-5 pm. Before the announcement, the finalists’ entry/ies will be shown to the group.

There will be 3 Winners for the film fest: BEST FILM, first runner up, and second runner up.

Special awards will be given to the following:

  • Best in Technical Implementation
  • Most Relevant to the Theme Award
  • Best in Concept
  • Best in Doctrinal Soundness
  • Best Poster Design(Pub Mat)

For the Best Poster Design (Pub Mat), participating parishes are required to submit a poster to be submitted to the Office of Communications and will be uploaded on their official Facebook page.

The deadline for submission of posters is on July 26, 2024, from 8 am to 5 pm.

The posters will be uploaded on July 27, 2024 starting 12 noon.

The number of likes and shares of the posters will be counted from the time it was posted (July 27, 2024).

The counting will end at 5 noon of July 31, 2024.


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