Easter Message 2021

Happy Easter to all! Alleluia! Easter is Easter, with pandemic or not! Easter is Easter, with lock downs or not!

Easter is the assurance of victory. Any act of love and sacrifice for others will bring new life. We need this message in our time when so many acts of love, service to others, and prayers are being offered. We witness this among our medical frontliners who are tired, in danger, and not adequately compensated. We see this among family members who comfort and serve those of their families who are sick. We admire the daily wage earners who continue to work, putting themselves to daily risk, to support their families. We are aware of prayer requests and promises of prayers in many social media accounts. We are all enveloped in prayers these days. All of these efforts and good will join in the victory of the resurrection. Jesus’ new life shows us that God rewards all acts of love and sacrifice. God blesses all the good that is being done.

So Easter is not only about Jesus. It is also about us. Jesus is the guarantee that a new and better day is coming. Let us not lose hope. We continue to strive because we know, with God’s help, that we shall overcome. Praise God who gives us victory over death, over sickness, over evil. This is the real meaning of the Easter.

Today we open the 500th anniversary of the gift of the Christian faith to our country. We humbly accept this gift and in gratitude we will generously share this faith to others. We are gifted to give. Together with the disciples we enthusiastically share with others: “We have seen the Lord.”

Happy Easter to one and all!

Apostolic Administrator of Manila

April 4, 2021


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