Do not just feed Children with hamburgers; feed them with the Holy Eucharist – Cardinal Tagle

As the Church commemorated the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, His Eminence Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle made a plea to all parents to make Jesus known to their children through the Holy Eucharist.

During his regular Sunday Mass at the Pontificio Collegio Filippino in Rome on Sunday, June 6, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples urged parents to actively bring their kids closer to Jesus just how they excitedly bring them to activities of fun, leisure and enjoyment.

“I am appealing to the parents. I know you’re so anxious to bring your children now to restaurants, to theme parks. Kalian kaya magbubukas yung swimming pool? Okay, okay yan. But please do not forget, bring your children to Jesus, especially in the memorial called the Eucharist. For every time we celebrate the Eucharist, we join Him in his act of covenant love for our sin,” Cardinal Tagle said.

He also emphasized the importance of receiving the body and blood of Jesus during the Holy Mass by comparing it to eating a burger.

“Kahit ilang hamburger pa ang ipakain niyo sa anak ninyo kapag araw ng Linggo kulang pa ang papel ninyo bilang magulang kapag hindi sila nakakakain ng katawan ni Kristo. Kapag puro hamburger dadalhin niyo yan sa ospital. Kapag katawan ni Kristo, dinadala niyo sila sa buhay na walang hanggan,” the former Manila Archbishop jokingly explained.

The appeal made by Cardinal Tagle, the current head of one of the most important offices of the Roman Catholic Church, was also a call for married people not just to serve as an inspiration of faith for their children but also to fulfill their covenant with God as he hopefully provided them “strength to live and transform their domestic church – the family… as a community of covenant relationship”. (Lem Leal Santiago/SOCOM-Binondo Church | Photo file by Maricar Santos/RCAM-AOC)


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