Divorce bill, a challenge for the Church, says Cardinal Advincula

Manila Archbishop Jose F. Cardinal Advincula stated that the divorce bill entails a challenge for the Church in protecting the marriage and family life of every Filipino.

This is in response to the approved third and final reading of House Bill No. 9349 or Absolute Divorce Act with a majority vote from the members of the House of Representatives last May 22.

According to Veritas News, Cardinal Advincula emphasized that the proposed absolute divorce bill is a challenge for the entire Church in protecting the sanctity of Marriage and family life, and also to redefine the pastoral care of every couples’ circumstances.

“The passage of divorce bill in the House of Representatives should not deter us from working doubly hard for the sake of marriage and the family. We take it as a challenge to recalibrate our efforts in ministering to couples in difficult situations. There is a need to truly accompany them in their perilous journey as a couple and as a family,” the Cardinal said.

The Cardinal affirmed that his stance on the divorce bill is not only the intended solution to heal wounds because there are alternatives such as ‘existing legal remedies’ from situations which affect marriage and family life of the couples.

“If indeed divorce becomes a law in our country in the future, let it be understood that it will only apply to civil marriages and not to sacramental marriages. The fact remains that divorce is not the ultimate solution to problematic unions,” he said.

“We already have existing legal remedies to couple separation, it is our hope that Congress may also reform such existing legal remedies so that they do not become burdensome for couples in need of them,” he added.

As stated by the House of Representatives, the bill “seeks to provide absolute divorce as a legal remedy for irreparably broken marriages under specific grounds and judicial processes, with the goal of sparing children from the emotional strain of parental dispute and allowing divorced individuals to remarry.”

(By Hazel Boquiren/RCAM-AOC | File Photo by RCAM-AOC)


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