Church official: Pray for Francis’ health, stop spreading resignation rumors

Amidst the growing rumors about the resignation of Pope Francis and his possible successors as head of the Roman Catholic Church, Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos urged the faithful to pray for the Holy Father to be able to serve God for a longer time.

In an interview with Radio Veritas, Bishop Santos, who also serves as chairman of the Episcopal Commission on Pontificio Collegio Filipino of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), stressed that people should ask God’s mercy, especially for the health of “Lolo Kiko” – as how the Pontiff is fondly called by Filipinos.

“Let us always turn to prayers and entrust everything to God’s mercy and will, we resort to prayers for our world, for our loved ones, especially our dearest and beloved Holy Father whom we affectionately call Lolo Kiko,” he said.

“In these uncertain times of pandemic, war and weather disturbances we look up to God for his protection, guidance and for his healing,” he added.

Bishop Santos also appealed to end all the speculations regarding the change in Church leadership because it instigates confusion among the billions of Catholics around the world.

This came after the Pope said aboard the Papal plane after his 6-day trip to Canada last month that he plans to slow down from his international travel.

However, he emphasized that while stepping down as the Supreme Pontiff is an option, he is not considering resignation anytime soon.

“The door is open, it’s one of the normal options, but up until now I haven’t knocked on this door,” the Holy Father said. (Lem Leal Santiago/SOCOM-BInondo Church)


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