Church communicators reminded to “avoid becoming rich in technology but poor in humanity”

The Archdiocesan Commission on Social Communications  of the Archdiocese of Manila commenced its third annual Media Camp from May 31, 2024 to June 3, 2024, at the Caritas Philippines Development Center, Tagaytay City, Philippines, with the theme: Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: Towards a Fully Human Communication.

A total of 65 participants attended coming from the different parishes in the Archdiocese of Manila. The theme of this year’s camp stems from the message of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, during the 58th World Day of Communication titled ‘Speaking with the Heart: The Truth in Love,’ where he addressed how digital media becomes a platform that either makes or breaks human connections.

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), the primary goal of social communicators is to make use of tools such as AI to promulgate human connections in the ministry. As Rev. Fr. Roy Bellen, the Director of the Office of Communications and Vice President for Operations of TV Maria and Radio Veritas, reiterated that we must avoid becoming rich in technology but poor in humanity. As much as we value the convenience brought by AI and other technological advancements, at the end of the day, what is more valuable are the intimacy and connection we form within one another in the community.

Alongside with Fr. Bellen, other resource speakers who were also present in the camp are Senior Multimedia Reporter from Rappler, Mr. Paterno Esmaquel, who discussed the dangers and opportunities of artificial intelligence. Esmaquel emphasized the necessity of ‘localization.’ In the midst of a progressive society that urges us to think and do something new—avant-garde—he urges us to go back to the basics, where stories are waiting to be told and human connections can be made synonymous with the call of the Holy Father. In relation to AI, Esmaquel reiterates that AI is nothing but a tool; it needs someone to fulfill its purpose. The narrative must always be that without man, AI is nothing, and never, without AI, man is nothing.

On a more technical field of learning, Mr. Jodel Sarmiento, a video editor from Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol, shared his inputs on Same Day Editing (SDE). Sarmiento started by discussing the importance and difficulties of doing SDE in the ministry, considering the inadequacy of time and several unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the filming and editing of videos. Yet he suggested a practical approach and tips on how to handle these difficulties and how to prepare during the filming and editing. After which, Sarmiento spearheaded a short SDE workshop that enabled the participant to practice video slicing off several homilies and creating a 3-minute full-blown homily video.

In addition, Mr. Roy Mark Gutierrez, the Social Media Head and Web Developer of Radio Veritas shared their expertise on the Unused Features of Using Mobile Phones. Gutierrez emphasized the different settings to be utilized in order to maximize the use of our devices in the ministry. He believes that our mobile phones are capable of more functions only if we know how to utilize them. Advancements, in general, are something beyond our control. As the saying goes, everything is changing, and the least that we can do is cope and learn how to deal with these changes.

Synonymous to what Fr. Bellen discussed that we are all in the process of becoming, and we are all bound to change and progress. This year’s media camp is a manifestation of this message and a challenge to all the social communicators in the Archdiocese. The proliferation of the use of AI is inevitable, and gone are the days when we asked whether AI was beneficial or harmful to humanity. Today is the beginning where we ask “How are we going to utilize artificial intelligence for the benefit of the community, the ministry, and the Church in order to create and promulgate human connection?”

(By Andrew Garcia/SOCOM- San Isidro Labradaor Parish, Pasay City/ Photo by RCAM-AOC)



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MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 1 – Morning)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 1 – Afternoon)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 1 – Holy Mass)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 1 – Socialization)

MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 2 – Morning Session)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 2 – Afternoon Session)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 2 – Holy Mass)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 2 – Socialization)

MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 3 – Morning Session)
MEDIA CAMP 3 (Day 3 – Holy Mass)

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