Catholic schools to offer voter’s education for students

Catholic Education Association of the Philippines – National Capital Region (CEAP-NCR) is moving for Catholic schools to offer voter’s education for students especially senior high school students who are qualified to vote. This is to allow their voices to be heard and to teach them the importance of voting.

“Let us train our students to be more engaged in their social responsibilities and make their voices be heard on issues concerning the sanctity of life, the family, and the sacredness of the ballot,” said Fr. Nolan Que, CEAP-NCR regional trustee.

He then called on the Catholic schools to encourage youth voter registration after reports on last year’s low turnout of registrants.

The Commission on Elections forecasted four million new voters for the 2022 local and national elections.

However, the recent data showed that only 1.1 million new voters were registered in the country in which around 117,000 new registered voters are in the National Capital Region.

“In this light, I am recommending that our Senior High School (SHS) students be taught how to register and vote for the May 2022 elections,” Fr. Que said.

“Let us encourage our young brothers and sisters to take part in this important constitutional right that will make an impact on our nation and to the lives of every Filipino,” he added.

CEAP is an association of more than 1,500 Catholic schools nationwide. It has 171 member schools in NCR. (Jheng Prado/RCAM-AOC)

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