Caritas Manila holds ‘Nature and Fashion with Compassion’ in support of Restorative Justice Program

Caritas Manila, in collaboration with local designers and artists, recently hosted the ‘Nature and Fashion with Compassion’ event. This initiative showcased the creations of talented local designers and artists, along with products from Segunda Mana.

The project aims to benefit Caritas Manila’s Restorative Justice Program, focusing on the rehabilitation and support of women and young individuals who are victims of abuse, cyber sexual crimes, and human trafficking.

The event, held in support of a noble cause, brought together fashion, art, and compassion under one roof. It served as a platform for local designers and artists to display their talent while contributing to a meaningful cause. Segunda Mana, an advocacy arm of Caritas Manila, played a pivotal role by showcasing products that have been donated or consigned to them. The proceeds from the sales of these products will directly fund Caritas Manila’s Restorative Justice Program.

Father Anton C.T. Pascual, the Executive Director of Caritas Manila, expressed his gratitude to the local designers and artists for their support. He emphasized the significance of the Restorative Justice Program in helping women and young individuals who have experienced trauma and abuse to rebuild their lives and find hope once again.

“The ‘Nature and Fashion with Compassion’ event is a testament to the power of art and fashion to make a positive impact on society. By supporting the Restorative Justice Program, we are taking a step towards healing and justice for those who have suffered,” Father Pascual told Radio Veritas.

The event attracted a diverse audience, including fashion enthusiasts, art connoisseurs, and advocates for social justice. Attendees were able to purchase unique creations from local designers and artists while also contributing to a cause that addresses pressing issues in society.

Caritas Manila’s Restorative Justice Program focuses on providing support, counseling, and rehabilitation services to women and young individuals who have been victims of abuse, cyber sexual crimes, and human trafficking. It aims to empower survivors to overcome their traumatic experiences and reintegrate into society as confident and self-sufficient individuals.

The ‘Nature and Fashion with Compassion’ event not only showcased the creative talent of local designers and artists but also highlighted the importance of collective efforts in addressing critical social issues. Through this event, Caritas Manila continues to be a beacon of hope for those in need. (Luis Angelo Sta. Maria/Volunteer Writer/San Felipe Neri Parish | Photo from Radio Veritas)


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