Cardinal Tagle on being self-righteous

The Pro Prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization, His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, said on his mass on the third Sunday of Advent that it is the time for the people to reflect on the joy that comes from patiently waiting.

In a news posted on the website of Radio Veritas, Cardinal Tagle said, it is important that patience prevails as a way of understanding and creating a relationship with neighbors.

In his homily, the former Archbishop of Manila said that the faithful should be patient with one another and not to complain. The Advent season he said, is significant because it is a reminder that God has been patient with us.

The Cardinal also shared his thoughts on being self-righteous.

“Usually those who are impatient with others forget that they have faults, they are self-righteous and they make themselves the norm, the model that everyone should imitate.”

Before he ended his homily, he prays that the young people of today would have patience and perseverance despite the fast changing world where material possessions are easily acquired. (Mio Angelo Hermoso/SOCOM-San Juan Nepomuceno Parish)



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