Cardinal challenges Filipino-Chinese community to promote culture of synodality and inclusion  

Manila Archbishop Jose F. Cardinal Advincula celebrated Mass on the occasion of Chinese New Year at the National Shrine of Saint Jude in Manila last February 11, 2023, the sixth Sunday in Ordinary time.

In his homily, the Cardinal expressed his gratitude as he joined the Filipino-Chinese community for the Lunar New Year celebrations, highlighting the importance of family gatherings and gratitude.

“Xin niankuae le. Kong hei fa choi. Happy New Year. It is my joy to be with you today as we celebrate the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time and the Lunar New Year or the Chinese New Year. This occasion calls families to gather and express gratitude for all the blessings that they have received. My presence here is a manifestation of my earnest desire to be with your community, especially with our Filipino-Chinese families,” Cardinal Advincula said.

Echoing Pope Francis’ message, he stressed the opportunity the feast presents to foster loving relationships and build a more fraternal society.

Cardinal Advincula pointed to the day’s readings, which reflected on discrimination and social exclusion, citing the isolation faced by lepers as outlined in the book of Leviticus and urging for a community spirit, as advocated by St. Paul to the Corinthians. He drew parallels between the biblical account of Jesus’ merciful healing of a leper and the present-day call to heal the divisions and indifference within our society.

The Archbishop emphasized the concept of synodality, defined as walking or journeying together, as a vital direction for the Church and the community at large, and encouraged the parish of St. Jude to be a model of synodality among churches.

“Your parish here in St. Jude has a great role to play in showing other parishes how to be synodal, and how to live out the Trinitarian principle of unity in diversity,” he said.

Before he ended his homily, he challenged the Filipino-Chinese community to become a synodal church that builds a community of togetherness.

“I would like to challenge the Filipino-Chinese community to actively promote a culture of integration and inclusion, a culture of synodality and collaboration. Our world today needs more workers for peace and communion, architects and artisans of dialogue, and mutual listening. Let us heal the world one act of love at a time, one touch of kindness at a time,” said Cardinal Advincula. (By Luis Angelo Sta. Maria/Volunteer Writer-San Felipe Neri Parish | Photo by Kyler Bernardo/RCAM-AOC | Photogallery)


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