Cardinal Advincula: There is always hope for renewal, for resurrection

Manila Archbishop Jose F. Cardinal Advincula celebrated the Holy Mass for the RCAMES Sportsfest held at San Felipe Neri Catholic School, Mandaluyong City last April 3, 2024.

The Cardinal reflected on the gospel of St. Luke, recalling that as the two disciples of Jesus walk to Emmaus, they are saddened with the thought that the Messiah that was supposed to save them seemed to have failed.

He connected this to the struggles a student faces in their studies wherein there are times when they feel defeated.

Just like in the journey to Emmaus, Cardinal Advincula reflected that Jesus is journeying with the students as they study and as they take part in the Sportsfest.

Cardinal Advincula likened the Sportsfest to the earlier days of the starting church in the book of the Acts of the Apostles where the community is brought together through love and helping each other.

He stated, “Ganoon din ang diwa ng ating Sportsfest. You will be cheering for your teammates, strategizing together, celebrating victories as one. You will experience the joy of relying on others and the satisfaction of achieving something together.”

“The games in this Sportsfest will likely have moments of frustration, moments where winning might seem like everything. Remember that Christ lived life to the full and celebrated life will gratitude and enthusiasm. He played fair, He treated others with respect, and He never lost sight of the bigger picture. Ipagdiwang natin ang ating magiging mga tagumpay at kahit ang panahong kulanganin tayo na masungkit ang tagumpay,” he said.

“The Easter story reminds us that even in the face of immense difficulty, there is always hope for renewal, for resurrection.  Let this sportsfest renew your spirits, be a celebration of your gifts, and be a testament to the Christian values of teamwork and sportsmanship.”

The Cardinal ended his homily by reminding the participants that they are not only representing their respective schools but as well as the celebration of the love of the resurrected Christ. (By: Louise Nazir A. Banzuela/SOCOM-San Felipe Neri Parish | Photo by Maricar Santos/RCAM-AOC | Photogallery)


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