Cardinal Advincula emphasizes Triumph of the Cross

In a recent fiesta celebration at Santa Elena Mission Station, Cardinal Jose “Joe” Advincula delivered a powerful homily emphasizing the true meaning of the cross in contemporary times.

The Cardinal acknowledged the modern tendency to trivialize the cross, citing its use as a mere fashion accessory or a perfunctory gesture. He questioned the understanding of the cross’ significance, particularly in light of its historical association with shame and death.

Cardinal Advincula contrasted this with the Christian perspective, where the cross represents not defeat, but the triumph of love and forgiveness. He quoted Pope Benedict XVI, reminding the congregation that genuine love and life’s gift are intertwined with suffering and pain.

The Cardinal highlighted the cross as a symbol of compassion, citing Jesus’ concern for his mother and disciple even in his suffering. He further emphasized the cross as a source of blessing, referencing its use in priestly and elder blessings, as well as its role in welcoming new members into the Christian community through baptism.

Drawing inspiration from the recent World Youth Day in Brazil, Cardinal Advincula echoed Pope Francis’ message that encountering the cross involves both leaving behind burdens and receiving grace. He urged the congregation to surrender their worries and personal crosses to Jesus, opening themselves to the healing and peace that flow from the cross.

The Cardinal concluded with a personal reflection, inviting everyone to examine their own approach to their crosses. He challenged the congregation to embrace their crosses wholeheartedly, even in the face of difficulty, rather than avoiding or resenting them.

This homily serves as a timely reminder of the cross’ profound meaning in the Christian faith, urging believers to find hope, healing, and transformation in its embrace. (

(By Luis Angelo Sta. Maria/Volunteer Writer-San Felipe Neri Parish | Photo by Maricar Santos/RCAM-AOC | Photogallery)


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