Book released for the 1st Anniversary of Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi blessing

A book was released by the Vatican Dicastery for Communication marking anniversary of Pope Francis’ extraordinary “Urbi et Orbi” blessing at the height of the pandemic last year.

On March 27, 2020, Pope Francis led the solemn prayer and Eucharistic adoration in St. Peter’s Square.

His Holiness talked about faith and trust in God, reflecting when the disciples’ boat was caught in a storm.

“We have an anchor: by his cross we have been saved. We have a rudder: by his cross we have been redeemed. We have a hope: by his cross we have been healed and embraced so that nothing and no one can separate us from his redeeming love,” said Pope Francis during the event, known as the Statio Orbis.

The book entitled “Why Are You Afraid? Have You No Faith?” had been released in several languages through the collaboration of the Vatican Publishing House with the French publisher Bayard.

The Dicastery for Communication released a press statement explaining that the book comprised of texts and photographs related to the blessing.

“They are accompanied by a brief but intense dialogue with Pope Francis, who, a year on from the Statio Orbis, recalls: ‘I was in contact with the people. I was not alone, at that moment…’” an excerpt in the press release.

“And in response to the question on what gave him strength and hope in that intense and dramatic moment, Francis replies: ‘Kissing the feet of the Crucified Jesus always gives hope. He knows what it means to walk and he understands quarantine, because they put two nails there to hold him still. Jesus’ feet are a compass in people’s lives.” (Fatima Llanza/RCAM-AOC)

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