Archdiocese of Manila to train priests to other fields of specialization

With the hope to enhance the skills of the clergy and be able to respond in times of crisis, Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula plans to send priests for other fields of specialization to help the faithful, especially now that the country is currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his on-air pastoral visit via Radio Veritas’ “Barangay Simbayanan” on August 16, Cardinal Advincula said that he wanted the priests to be able to respond to the people’s conditions as a result of the social and economic repercussions brought by the coronavirus.

“Kailangan din natin ng mga kaparian who will dedicate themselves especially sa mga areas of psychology, counselling, mga interventions na ito especially nitong pandemic na ito. Nakita natin na kailangan talaga, may mga pari rin tayo sa different areas of specialization,” he said.

While the archdiocese is addressing its scarcity of priests and the lack of those who want to enter to seminaries, the Archbishop of Manila expressed his intention to send priests to more advanced education to expand their knowledge and skills in other fields of specialization.

“Alam ko na compared to the population of Manila, talagang maliit ang ratio ng ating mga kaparian. In fact, I still need to have an inventory of our priests here at hindi lang itong mga kaparian sa parokya because we also have to prepare our priests para mag-specialize on some areas so they will be also sent for further studies,” Cardinal Advincula stressed.

He also expressed his gratitude to the service of all religious orders and congregations who are filling the gaps made by the shortage of archdiocesan clergy.

Despite the limited movement created by quarantine restrictions within the National Capital Region, Cardinal Advincula is reaching out to all the workers of the Archdiocese of Manila and different sectors as he entered his third month as the 33rd Archbishop of the country’s premier metropolitan see. (Lem Leal Santiago/SOCOM-Binondo Church | File Photo of RCAM-AOC)


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