Archdiocese of Manila announces guidelines for Misa de Aguinaldo and Christmas Eve Masses

In order to promote a harmonious and spiritually enriching celebration for parishioners, Archbishop Jose F. Cardinal Advincula recently sent out a circular to all clergy members in the Archdiocese of Manila outlining guidelines and recommendations for the upcoming Misa de Aguinaldo/Simbang Gabi and Christmas Eve Masses.

The guidelines, which were put together in conjunction with the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission, seek to structure and standardize the conduct of these important religious observances throughout the archdiocese.

Here are the key points highlighted in the directive:

  1. Timing of Simbang Gabi Masses: Evening Simbang Gabi Masses may commence from 7:00 p.m., while Dawn/Morning Masses will conclude by 5:30 a.m.
  2. Anticipation of Masses: Evening Masses are permitted to anticipate the following day’s liturgy, excluding Monday evenings before Sundays, respecting the precedence of Sunday observance.
  3. Liturgical Elements: White vestments will be used during Simbang Gabi Masses with the Gloria sung or recited. The Creed will only be said on Sundays.
  4. Sunday Simbang Gabi Masses: These will incorporate Sunday prayers and readings with the use of white vestments and the singing/recitation of the Gloria and Creed.
  5. Permission for Off-site Masses: Celebrating Simbang Gabi Masses in locations other than the parish church, shrine, or chaplaincy necessitates explicit consent from the Archbishop of Manila as per Archdiocesan policy.
  6. Christmas Eve Mass Schedule: The Vigil Mass of Christmas may commence from 6:00 in the evening on December 24, with the final Mass adopting the liturgy of the Midnight Mass of Christmas.
  7. Christmas Eve on Sunday: Given that December 24 aligns with a Sunday this year, the dawn Mass will be Simbang Gabi, while morning to late afternoon Masses will observe the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Evening Masses from 6:00 p.m. onwards will be Vigil Masses of Christmas, culminating in the Midnight Mass.
  8. Family Prayer Initiatives: The Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission has devised Family Prayers for Advent and Christmas, encouraging parishioners to partake in familial prayer sessions, fostering a deeper connection with the divine during the Advent and Christmas seasons.

With his expressions of paternal blessings and heartfelt prayers, Archbishop Advincula emphasized the importance of these rules in guaranteeing a spiritually enlightening celebration for the faithful.

The faithful are encouraged to actively participate in these spiritual preparations for the approaching holiday season and to stay informed about any updates that their respective parish may make about the implementation of these directives.

During these solemn occasions, the Archdiocese of Manila remains unwavering in its dedication to creating an atmosphere that is favorable for prayer and encouraging a closer relationship with God. (Pat Gorospe/Volunteer Writer/SOCOM – Sta. Clare de Montefalco Parish)



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