‘Culture of Superiority’ hinders synodality in Church, says Cardinal Tagle

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, pro-prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Evangelization, spoke to a group of Filipino bishops about how a “culture of superiority” is a big problem for synodality in the church.

In a news post on CBCP website, Cardinal Tagle said during a five-day course on servant leadership and pastoral management at the Caritas Philippines Academy that this way of thinking had to change if the Church wanted to promote synodality and brotherly unity.

“One thing that gets in the way of synodality and brotherly cooperation is a sense of cultural superiority, which leads to prejudice against the others.”

He asked the bishops to think about how culture works in their seminaries. He made sure to point out that some lay leaders had also come to think this way.

“Ordained people, please pay attention to the culture in your seminaries,” he said. “Instead of preparing them for a ministry, they are preparing them to take on a rank.”

Cardinal Tagle stressed how important humility is in service and in getting along with others. He added that to walk like God does, which is with humility and cooperation with others, even when they are flawed or weak.

“This is how God walks: with humility and help from others, even if they aren’t the best or most perfect or even if they are weak. Cardinal Tagle said, “He walks with them, he leads them, and he even learns from them,” he said.

“Synodality, for me, is only possible if we walk humbly with God,” he added.

Also, the Cardinal talked about how important it is for freedom to help real brotherhood and synodality grow. He said that it wasn’t freedom itself that got in the way of these goals, but “mentalities, attitudes, and wrong values” that made it hard for people to love, respect, and work with each other.

Cardinal Tagle said that spiritual discernment was about helping people see their own and other people’s barriers to freedom, which he defined as the freedom to love, serve, and walk together.

The Cardinal’s words showed how important it is for the church to change its culture so that people are more willing to work together and be humble. This is important for synodality and brotherly cooperation to work. (Luis Angelo Sta. Maria/Volunteer Writer – San Felipe Neri Parish | File Photo of RCAM-AOC)


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