What is Catholink?

Catholink, a Catholic Resource and Helpline Center operated by Radio Veritas 846 is available to be accessed by the faithful for Church-related information, counseling services, and spiritual nourishment.

Last year 2022, Catholink was able to attend and assist 498 persons with their Church queries such as prayer requests, parish contact inquiries, Church ministry inquiries, questions on catechism and apologetics, requests for priest visits, requests for exorcism, and inquiries on sacraments and church records.

With its Counseling Service Hotline, Catholink attended 275 counseling calls and referred 173 of them to counseling partners last year.

Catholink can be reached via phone at 8925-7931 to 39 loc. 117, via mobile at 09176397843 and online at www.Catholink.ph


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