2025 Jubilee Year of Hope expected to flock 35 million pilgrims to Rome

In the upcoming 2025 Jubilee Year of Hope, the Holy See expects 35 million pilgrims to visit the Eternal City as an “experience of conversion, of transforming one’s very being to conform it to the holiness of God.”

According to the Vatican’s official Jubilee 2025 Year of Hope website, iubilaeum2025.va, a “pilgrim’s card” would be available this September 2023 exclusively upon registration in the official website. It was mentioned that it is a “free and nominal digital card” for pilgrims who would participate in the events related to the Jubilee and “to organize one’s pilgrimage to the Holy Door.”

Also, the Holy See released the detailed calendar for the celebrations that will be taking place for the 2025 Jubilee, such as the Jubilee for Deacons, World of Communications and Artists.

Last January 2022, the theme for the 2025 Jubilee was announced. As the preparations for the celebration take years, it takes into account the invested “87 public works projects” allocated by the Vatican ranging from $2.5 billion to $4.3 billion, to create a memorable experience for the pilgrims.

In December 2024, it is expected that His Holiness Pope Francis will be publishing the official bull in a declaration of the upcoming Jubilee and for the opening of the Holy Door’s date.

The core part of every Jubilee celebration is the Opening of the Holy Door as it is “the most powerful sign of the Jubilee, since the ultimate aim of the pilgrim is to pass through it.” In Rome, it is seen in St. Peter’s Basilica also from other major basilicas. The Holy Doors are opened specifically during Jubilee celebrations. Moreover, it is sealed when the celebrations have already culminated.

In particular, Jubilees are celebrated every 50 years as “a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon.” It was revived in the 1300s by Pope Boniface VIII as the Jubilees are celebrated every 100 years  and it was Pope Clement VI who instituted that the “frequency was reduced to every 50 years.”

Also, the Jubilee has a biblical significance which originated from the book of Leviticus where God’s mercy is bestowed such as “slaves could regain their freedom, and that land, (of which God is the sole master), should be returned to its former owners.” (By Hazel Boquiren/RCAM-AOC | Photo from Vatican News)


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