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Marriage Clearances and Dispensation
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Marriage Clearances and Dispensation
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A Marriage Clearance is required for marriages under the Catholic Church between a Filipino and a foreign partner. This is secured from the Chancery Department of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila. This section describes the procedure and requirements for securing marriage clearances and dispensations.

Procedure for Securing Marriage Clearance



1. Get a form from the Chancery Department called “APPLICATION FOR THE ISSUANCE OF CLEARANCE FOR MARRIAGE BETWEEN A FILIPINO AND A FOREIGNER IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH." A separate and more detailed checklist of the required documents is also available at the Chancery Office.

2. Fill in the form and attached the appropriate supporting documents. Then submit your application together with the required attachments to the personnel in-charge for evaluation, processing and approval.

3. For a speedy processing of your application, it is important to make sure that you have all the necessary supporting documents. Carefully read the checklist given to you. The requirement(s) may vary depending on whether the couple are Catholics, Non-Catholics or Divorced. Some of the basic and supplementary requirements include the following:

a. For baptized partner, recently issued baptismal certificate with Notation “FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES”
b. For Catholic partner, a Certification of Freedom to Marry from your parish, or copy of the Publication of 3 Sunday Banns
c. For Foreign partner, an Embassy Clearance/Legal Capacity to Marry
d. For couples who are already civilly married, a Certificate of Marriage
e. For a widowed partner, the Death Certificate of deceased spouse
f. For Non-Catholics, a Dispensation from the Impediment of either “Mixed Religion or Disparity of Cult”
g. For Divorced Persons, an official church declaration of nullity of previous marriage(s), the Decree of the Divorce, Civil Annulment with certificate of Finality, Copy of the previous Certificate of Marriage, etc. as the case maybe.
h. For Japanese citizens, an interview and endorsement from Fr. Toru Nishimoto, CSsR is required

4. Processing of application takes about 2 working days. However, applicants are strongly advised to apply for Marriage Clearance ahead of time — between 6 months to 3 weeks before wedding date.