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Spirituality in the Social Networking World
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Spirituality in the Social Networking World
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(Talk delivered by Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Tagle at the first Catholic Media Summit held on July 14, 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel, Marikina City.)

Photo by www.youthpinoy.com

We would like to thank again Father Stephen for that wonderful presentation.  In fact we already alluded to some of the points that I intended to share.  So, please do not forget his wonderful sharing. He was my former student not in Social Communication but in Fundamental Theology.
Parang ang tanda tanda ko na tuloy. It’s good to see former students who are now doing their mission very well…..

I’m sorry I don’t have a power point presentation. What an irony. In a summit of Social Communication, I have nothing that is technological to use except for the microphone. Well, we can continue communicating even without it.

As I said, my role this morning is to deal with spirituality in the social networking world and Fr. Stephen already indicated many elements related to my theme.

As he had indicated especially using some of the recent pronouncements of the Holy Father and the Vatican Curia especially the Pontifical Council for Social Communication we realize that social networking is very much welcomed by the Church.  So let us not look at this whole new world simply as an enemy.  There is much good in it.  It is one of the signs of the times giving us hope and opportunities for mission.

The social networking world is both a means of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to a vaster audience.   It is truly an instrument of evangelization but at the same time it is a field that needs to be evangelized.
Magkasabay yan. So, yung social networking ay pamamaraan ng pagpapadala ng Mabuting Balita subalit ito rin ay isang mundo na kinakailangang ma-evangelize.

So, if we always hear the church is not only an evangelising church but a church that needs to be evangelized, in order to evangelize others the same way with social networking in the media world. The world of media is the means to evangelize but also a world to be evangelized.