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"Prayer of Reparation for the Sin of Sacrilege and Blasphemy"

15 August 2011
Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary



Dear Monsignori, Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters,

In the past weeks we have witnessed the uproar created by the exhibit of art works by the Cultural Center of the Philippines purportedly on modern art mixed media installations on contemporary themes.  Many agree that the work over-reached the boundaries of freedom of expression. Most say it is offensive and a great affront to Catholics and Christians, and to all people who value decency. To them the work is “trash.” And we agree.

For us Catholics and Christians, the offense goes beyond visual senses; it strikes into our souls. The public exhibition of the repulsive work is sacrilege and blasphemy. It is a sin. It has deeply offended the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother, and our Church.

Our laypeople have expressed their strong sentiments regarding this work as an affront to decent society, through protests and rallies, and even through the filing of a criminal suit. As Church we will kneel before our loving God to pray and seek reparation for this public sin. We will do this along with this “Prayer of Reparation.”

Let us make this prayer in all Masses from August 21, 2011, the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, until August 28, 2011, the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time. We pray this kneeling down after the post-communion prayer.

We also declare a Day of Penance for the whole Archdiocese of Manila on Friday, August 26, 2011. We suggest that for this day the Mass for the Forgiveness of Sins and purple vestments be used. We also encourage everyone to perform an act of penance or sacrifice on this day, such as fasting or other forms of mortification, as an expression of remorse for the sins committed against God’s majesty.

We pray to Mary, our Queen and Mother, to continue to guide us and show us the way to her Son, Jesus Christ.

God bless you all!

Sincerely yours,
Archbishop of Manila




(To be prayed kneeling)
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,
out of love for us, your sinful creatures, 
you became man and sacrificed your life on the cross. 
You deserve nothing but gratitude, honor, and praise, 
yet there are people, who by a misguided use of freedom, 
ridicule your Divine Person and the person of your Mother 
by desecrating your sacred images and call their work “art”.

We are profoundly shocked and ashamed, Lord Jesus, 
and so we kneel before your Divine Majesty 
to beg the pardon of your merciful and forgiving heart 
for the mindless blasphemy committed against you.

We are filled with indignation against the perpetrators, 
but you have taught us to forgive as you have forgiven us. 
Whether they know or know not what they were doing, 
we pray for them: 
Lord Jesus, grant them the grace of true repentance 
and open their minds to what is noble and beautiful, 
to what is edifying and respectful of other people’s beliefs. 
We also pray for ourselves: 
Lord Jesus, grant us the grace to live like real Christians, 
so that we may become your unblemished images 
and living witnesses to your love and forgiveness.

Lord, have mercy. 
Christ, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy.



(Dadasaling nakaluhod)

Panginoong Hesukristo, Anak ng Diyos na buhày, 
nagkatawang-tao ka at nag-alay ng iyong buhay sa krus.
Nararapat kang pasalamatan, parangalan, at purihin,
ngunit may mga tao, na dahil sa maling paggamit ng kanilang kalayaan 
ay nililibak ang inyong pagka-Diyos at ang karangalan ng iyong Ina 
sa ng paglapastangan sa inyong banal na imahen at ituring itong sining.
dahil sa labis mong pag-ibig sa aming mga makasalanan, 

Lubos kaming nababagabag at nahihiya, Panginoong Hesus, 
kaya't kami'y buong pakumbabang lumuluhod 
sa harap ng inyong dakilang kamahalan 
upang humingi ng kapatawaran 
mula sa iyong maawain at mapagpatawad na puso
sa walang pakundangang paglapastangan sa iyong karangalan.

Matindi ang aming pagkamuhi sa mga taong may kagagawan nito, 
ngunit tinuruan mo kaming magpatawad tulad ng pagpapatawad mo sa amin. 
Alam man nila ang kanilang ginagawa o hindi, 
ipinapanalangin namin sila:
Panginoong Hesus, pagkalooban mo sila ng biyaya ng tunay na pagtitika 
at imulat mo ang kanilang mga isip kung ano ang marangal at maganda, 
kung ano ang nagbibigay ng mabuting halimbawa
at gumagalang sa paniniwala ng iba. 
Ipinapanalangin din namin ang aming sarili: 
Panginoong Hesus, pagkalooban mo kami ng biyaya 
na mamuhay kami bilang mga tunay na Kristiyano
upang kami'y maging mga walang bahid mong kawangis 
at mga buhày na saksi ng iyong pag-ibig at pagpapatawad.

Panginoon, kaawaan mo kami. 
Kristo, kaawan mo kami. 
Panginoon, kaawaan mo kami.