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The Faces of Quiapo

The faces of Quiapo
Text and photos
by Noli Yamsuan

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Thru the years, I have been going to Quiapo to take pictures of thousands of  devotees who go there mostly barefooted  during the “Piyesta ng Poong Nazareno”. I also go there during the Good Friday procession practically seeing the same faces, desperate faces, hopeful faces and every now and then some happy faces. For so many years it has become a devotion to me to be there and take pictures until the time when my first son was born on January 9, the feast of the Black Nazarene. I considered this a blessing for me but then I had to stop my yearly “panata” to organize children’s party for my son. Now that he is grown up together with my two other children I can go back to the photographer’s mecca. I can take pictures again. Here are a few of the photographs from the hundreds that I have in my file.