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Holiness, an essential part in missionary vision of the Church

In one of his reflections during the Online Retreat "Pentekostes: From Crisis to Renewal,  From Lockdown to Mission" which was broadcasted on May 25-28, 2020, Most Rev. Broderick Pabillo, Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Manila meditated on Holiness as an integral part to the pastoral priority of the Church.

Holiness, according to Bishop Pabillo, is an essential aspect in a Catholic's daily life. A faithful also plays an important role in being able to lead others to holiness because of their upbringing and closeness to the Church.

"Our unique mission is to make people holy.  We cannot do this if we ourselves do not strive to be holy. We, people who are connected with the Church should have that eagerness to be holy. To bring holiness to other people, this is our service in the world," he said.

The bishop also noted how technology has enabled the faithful to connect more with one another. Just as with technology we have connected with loved ones, Bishop Pabillo is hopeful that it also keeps us connected to Jesus especially during the quarantine period, to lead us to holiness.

"One thing that made us survive the lockdown is the internet because we are connected with our friends, with our other relatives and with the world because of the internet. So we always look for the internet. The Pope [Francis, Christus Vivit 158] makes use of this image to tell us also the necessity and the importance of being always in touch with Jesus so that we can be holy," he said.

Parishes, therefore, are challenged, according to the bishop, to make efforts to help people pray more especially popular piety and devotions to overcome spiritual mediocrity.

"In our own parishes, are our activities in the parishes leading people to holiness? Madalas po nating tanungin, 'Kamusta po ang piyesta?' Mabuti naman. Nakaraos din. 'Kamusta ang Mahal na Araw? ' Mabuti naman. Nakaraos din. Nakaraos din ang Simbang Gabi. Yan lang ba ang gusto natin?  'Nakaraos din.' But did our Fiesta celebration bring more holiness to people? Do our Christmas activities bring more holiness to people?  Hindi lang sana nakaraos," he said.

The online retreat of Bishop Pabillo was intended to stand for the Annual Retreat of the clergy of Archdiocese of Manila. It is usually scheduled in the month of July. Through the online broadcast, the retreat's attendance was extended to the guest priests, to the Religious priests, brothers and sisters, and even for Lay leaders in the Archdiocese. (Hazel Boquiren/RCAM-AOC)



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