Cardinal Tagle urged faithful to reflect, pray and act

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle once again urged the faithful to reflect, pray and act as the House of Representative is expected to pass the death penalty bill and is on its third and final reading on March 7.


He asked the schools, parishes and religious communities in the Archdiocese of Manila to read in Masses during this week his Pastoral Statement (Invitation for Reflection, Prayer and Action) on death penalty that was released on February 2.


In a message sent through Monsignor Jose Clemente F. Ignacio, Moderator Curiae of Archdiocese of Manila, Cardinal Tagle invited the lay people “to write or call their representatives in congress” and “to pray even the last part of the prayer vs death penalty.”


He as well encouraged the faithful for adoration and holy hour so the Holy Spirit may touch the hearts and minds of the advocates of death penalty bill.


In his Pastoral Letter, he focused on 3 points: “death penalty does not lessen violent crimes,” “death penalty might legitimize the use of violent,” and “human life is God’s gift.”







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