Manila Cathedral offers assistance to couples to wed in churches in Batangas and Cavite

The Manila Cathedral is offering assistance to those couples who are scheduled to be wedded in parishes in Batangas and Cavite provinces affected by the eruption of Taal Volcano.

A post on the Cathedral's official social media site on January 16 says, “Due to a number of calls and inquiries we are receiving regarding the transfer of weddings affected by the Taal Volcano eruption in Batangas and Cavite areas to the Manila Cathedral, we are now opening slots and extending assistance for weddings scheduled this January and February 2020.”


 A personal visit to the Cathedral office will be helpful for us to assist you with the process," it added.

On January 12, 2020, Taal Volcano erupted for the first time since 1977. The eruption forced thousands of families to evacuate from their homes to various evacuation centers.

Various parishes, schools and religious institutions in Batangas and Cavite immediately responded to those who were affected by the ash fall caused by the eruption.

Caritas Manila, the social service arm of the Archdiocese of Manila spearheaded the relief operations for the victims of the eruption. (Jheng M. Prado/RCAM-AOC)


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