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Cardinal Tagle Speaks Harmony to Educators

Hours before the announcement of the Vatican to his appointment as prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila conducted Principals’ Advent Recollection at RCAM Chapel, Dec. 8.

Photo by Donny Lastimosa/SOCOM-St. Joseph Parish Tondo 

Reflecting on the Readings on the Second Sunday of Advent, he asked the participants to live in harmony with Jesus.

“Ano ang pinanabikan natin sa pagdating ni Hesus? Ang sagot ni San Pablo, harmony,” Tagle said.

He said that in the spirit of Advent and Christmas, “we longing for, hoping for, waiting for harmony.”

“Baka mayroon kayong kamag-anak  o kaibigan na ang buhay ay kailangan ng harmony, ipagdasal n’yo sila o kaya ipagsimba n’yo din. At baka yung kaunting effort o kaunting word of kindness o kaunting encouragement ay makapagbukas towards harmony,” Tagle explained.

He told that to prepare oneself for the gift of harmony, one must follow three simple tips.

“First is justice- respecting every person especially the poor - giving what is due to them.”  he claimed.

“Kaya po sana sa inyong paaralan, sa inyong ng mga guro sa isa’t isa, [at] ugnayan sa estudyante, sana laging buhay ang justice,” Cardinal added.

Cardinal Tagle said that acceptance is the second tip.

“Tanggapin ang bawat isa pero sa pamantayang na kung paano ka tinanggap ni Hesus,” he said.

Instead of the usual acceptance,  he said that people sometimes give prejudice, judgement and condemnation to others. He further elaborated that Jesus does not tolerate wrongdoings but instead help one in getting up. 

“Sabi nga ni San Pablo, accept one another,” he said. “Si Hesus dumarating ‘when I was hungry, when I was thirsty, when I was hopeless, when I was sick, when I was imprisoned.’ Dumarating Siya kamukha ng hindi mga ‘di tinatanggap ng lipunan,” he added.

He further said that acceptance is also in line with the observance of the Year of Ecumenism, Interreligious Dialogue and Indegenous Peoples in the country.

“Repent- isang mahalagang harmony ay ang harmony with God,” Cardinal said in his last tip.

He said that there should be a change of thinking, a change of living, a change of seeing people in the eyes of God.

“You live to prove. Ipakita mo sa buhay mo na gusto mong magbago. Tulong-tulong tayo sa paglago sa misyon sa edukasyon,” Cardinal Tagle ended.

The seminar was attended by more than 200 school principals and representatives from the divisions of San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Makati, and Manila.

The event was organized by the Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila (CFAM) with a theme: “Jesus, the Key to Peace and Dialogue.” (Donny Lastimosa/SOCOM-St. Joseph Parish Tondo)


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