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St. Pius X Parish to hold its annual Living Rosary this October

On the 26th of October 2019, the parish of St. Pius X in Onyx Ave, Paco, Manila will hold its annual ‘Living Rosary' dedicated to the culmination of the month of the Holy Rosary each year. The activity will be spearheaded by the Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) together with their Liturgical theater company – Teatro San Pio Decimo (TSPD). 

Unlike the conventional living rosary undertakings wherein the participants will form a human-rosary shape on the ground, SPX PYM likes to have it their way. Animations, songs, and acts will be included per mystery as its narration in a poetic form. This is their way to have a more creative and dynamic story-telling about these mysteries in the life of Christ. 

The event will be attended by various ministries and organizations from the pastoral council and the event is open to anyone who wishes to participate in the praying of the Holy Rosary. 


The people of the Philippines’ devotion to ‘Mama Mary’ is unquestionable. We love Mary as much as we love our hot pandesal in the morning or our home-cooked sinigang durig the rainy days. This is because Mary is a role model for us Filipinos, especially Catholics. Resilient, loving, caring, patient and obedient – those traits are intrinsic to us from the beginning; and it will always be. The devotion to our Holy Mother is overwhelming. In-fact, a lot of churches, cities, towns, and municipalities are named after her – even the whole country was placed under her guidance and protection, the immaculate conception. The Holy Mother is our ultimate intercessor to His Son, Jesus Christ, the reason why she is on our top-of-mind pick when it comes to our favorite saint.


The Living Rosary started in 2013 under the initiative of the parish youth ministry (PYM) to have an activity for the culmination of the month of the holy rosary. This prayer activity aims to evangelize the faithful about the significance of praying the rosary and narrate the stories of the mysteries creatively. Since then, the Parish has been always supportive of the endeavors of the young people especially in the spearheading of the said event. This year marks the 7th year of the living rosary and we are hoping to invite as many people as possible to join the event and also to let them experience the power of prayer and the joy of praying the rosary collectively.

For more information please contact Ms. Jerly Lata (+63 936 601 6852), SPX-PYM Coordinator. (Ernest Garcia - SOCOM Minister/St. Pius X Parish)



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